Jolien Wallis de Vries
Illustrator | Artist | Writer | Designer
Born and based in Utrecht, The Netherlands 1994

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tel. (+31) 634902900
Fascinated by different cultures, behaviors 
and how human beings interact and connect.
I think it's my duty as an artist to translate and to spread knowledge 
and to tell stories that others can't tell.
Rosalie van Deursen UrbanAfricans, Dakar, Senegal 2018
Illustration at the University of Arts Utrecht (HKU)
Africa's Calling: Senegal exhibition in the Voorkamer, winter 2019
Weerdsingel Sewing workshops for Eritrean refugees, summer 2018
So Future/ǝɹnʇnℲ oS ʇoN Riso print Magazine collaboration project, spring 2018
Werf5 Helping out refreshing co-work space Werf5, since 2017
Artisok silkscreen collaboration project, since 2016