Teranga, a film about hospitality

Many people from Senegal cross land and sea to come to Europe. What do they hope to achieve? What are their dreams?

In the spring of 2018, Jolien Wallis de Vries stayed in Senegal for three months to experience life on the other side of the ocean. Submerged in a culture which is completely different from the Western Culture she was used to. While getting to know our neighbors on the other side of the sea, finding out what moves them and inspires them, she filmed all the interactions and conversations with people she met and this resulted in the film ‘Teranga’.


The film will be shown for the first time at HKU Oudenoord 700, being part of the final exam exhibition in Utrecht, the Netherlands on the 27th of june from 15h till 21h.

Look on the Facebook for more information. https://www.facebook.com/Terangafilm/

Jolien met most of the people because she was working at the exposition‘The African Dream: Reflections on Migration.’ curated by Rosalie van Deursen van Urban Africans Biennale Dak’art (Dakar, 3d of May until 2nd of June 2018). But she also interviewed the neighborpeople she met at the beach, a student. And when she came back she talked with people who are now living in the Netherlands.

‘Teranga’, the title of this film, means hospitality in Wolof. It stands for the welcoming and openness which is deeply rooted in the Senegalese culture, and which has inspired Jolien to make this film. Senegal has a collective culture where solidarity comes first.
With this film she wants to give a voice to the people she met and give them a stage to tell about their dreams. The dreams of people who want to move to the West en the dreams of people who are passionate about Senegal and critical about the dominating individualistic Western culture.

This film is made with the help op the following people:

Jérôme Diokh, Mamadou Ndiaye, Alpha Goudiaby, Piniang, Kine Aw, Celestina Ndione en Khadidiatou Ba, Sidy Lamine Diouf, Rosalie van Deursen, Marieke Luthart, Skander Jaïbi, Henriette Wallis de Vries, Baba Tarawally, Aida Grovenstins, Armin Abdoulaye Kane, Khadidiatou Sow, Amadou Sanogo, Ibrahima Haliloullah Sy, the Dutch ambassador in Senegal, Theo Peters and his wife, Anne lande Peters.



Click here to view the full documentary.  You need a password to download the file. Send me an email if your interested.

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